Friday, January 09, 2009

Pride Goeth Before Colorwork

Or something like that.

Last night I had some time to work on the sweater (part of it cat-free) and I was rolling right along.

You know that's when things go wrong.

I was within 12 rows of the chart's ending when I finally realized that the pattern (free, with typos, online, need I say more?) neglected to mention at what point raglan shaping had to commence for the front.

15", in case you'd like to know.

I was at 20" when I finally figured this out. It took close to two hours to rip back. That includes tinking, running a lifeline, ripping back, untangling what seemed like 2,000 balls of yarn, and more tinking (no, I'm not quite there yet).

There will be two annoyed cats Chez Moi this weekend. (Cats and colorwork do not go together!)

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