Friday, September 25, 2009

Knitting and apples

I've got lots of both.

We went apple picking last Saturday (on the most perfect fall day imaginable) and got half a bushel of apples. I have made four apple pies, 12 4 oz. jars of apple marmalade, and an apple bourbon cake. (Not to mention the apples we've eaten out of hand and the pork chops smothered in apples, red cabbage and carmelized onions). We still have about 12 apples left.

I also made DH a pair of socks from some Regia Silk color yarn. Within a week, no less, and have finished one of a pair for me, made from some wonderful cone yarn we bought the year I began to knit. It's ivory slub (wool) around a nylon core. I've made a few other pairs of socks, as well as a two piece 30s dress from the stuff. It's pretty and rustic, and it wears like iron. (I also have some in gray and in plum.)

It's good to be knitting again. And this particular yarn is inspirational. It looks so warm (because it is) and I'm thinking that a cabled cardigan in this stuff would be wonderful. Maybe on size 4 (American) needles. The socks I'm making right now are on size 2 needles. The gauge is great for socks.

(But I still wish I could find the Missing Yarn!)

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A Yarn Conspiracy

Now that I've fixated on a particular sweater pattern, needless to say I can't find the yarn I want. Not all of it, anyway.

I've been through most of the stash and it's hiding from me.

And though I have a ROOM full of yarn (really, I do) nothing else will do. Of course it won't. (If you think otherwise, you're not a knitter.)

Sunday, September 06, 2009

A New Sweater, and Antiques

I really want to knit that sweater. I took a good look at the pattern, and it's probably going to take sport weight, which is pretty good. I've got leftover shetland yarn from a 1920s project I made a few years ago. I might want to buy one or two more skeins of shetland, but otherwise I think I'm set. I hope Fresh Purls has some in; last time I looked I didn't see any.

Now, as for the "antiques" part of this post...I've just signed up for a booth at a local antiques mall. Not just any antiques mall, either. RI Antiques Mall, which is rapidly building itself an excellent reputation. I'm to open on October 1st, and I've got a corner booth, downstairs. It's a good location.

I already have some stock about ready to go: vintage clothes, shoes, hats and books, as well as a bit of kitchen things and furniture. In addition, I'm going to keep a look-out for 60s items, as "Mad Men" is so popular; I want to set up a corner that I'll devote to trends in vintage, so to speak. (I do like the show. I've only seen Season One, but I thought it was great. I think I'm going to borrow it on DVD if I can to catch up and maybe start watching it on AMC.)

Anyone in the area got requests for stock?

Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Socks are Finished

Hold your applause.

I knit two different cuffs. Both are twisted ribbing, but one is K1, P3, and the other is K2, P2. Argh!

And I'm keeping them that way. A lesson, and all that. Apparently I knit the first one and then lost the detailed notes, so I took a quick look at the first sock and went on my merry way. I usually knit K2, P2, you see.

Oh, well. I did get back to my oversized Cozy (from Knitty) and am now back on track with that.

The project I'm thinking of starting is a sweater from a British hardcover on knitting, from the 30s, I think. It's garter stitch, in thin stripes. The sort of thing you knit to use up odd balls. I've been thinking about this particular sweater for quite a while, so it'll happen eventually. And it's a very simple knit; as it's garter stitch, not much shaping is necessary.

The pattern is in The Pictoral Guide to Modern Home Knitting, edited by Catherine Franks, A.R.C.A. No copyrite date, but my guess is late 30s.

Maybe I'll cast on for it some time this week (but don't make book on that).