Thursday, January 15, 2009

Begin Again

Begin knitting something new, that is. Last night I cast on for the cable ribbing sweater vest in Hip Knits.

I made one a few years ago for one of the nephews; subbed recycled sweater-from-the-thrift and cone yarn that I dyed myself. It came out very well. He even wore it for his school pictures the following year (that's quite a thumbs up from a grade schooler).

This time I'm using the Lion Wool. The main color will be cream, and I'm knitting two-row stripes: *cream/brown/cream/orange/cream/teal/cream/brown/cream/orange*.

The original pattern uses four row stripes, but thinner stripes are more typical of 30s and 40s sweaters, and that's what I like.

I'm already into the stripes. It's a fairly quick knit, the body is on American No. 7 needles. This one is for me, too.

2009 might be the Year of Knitting for Me.


Batty said...

I love that book. Got it for cheap, and there are so many nice patterns in it.

Eileen said...

H'mmm. You know I have knitting books for you still?

We should meet up somewhere and I'll hand 'em over (if you'd bring your book I could take a look & see if it's something I should order).