Thursday, January 08, 2009

Cheap Yarn and other good things

I didn't like Lion Brand yarns when I first started knitting "real" things. Wool-Ease pills like a b@stard, and I do not like novelty yarns.

But I love wool. LOVE it; for the most part I'll choose it over cashmere or silk or alpaca (sometimes. i am human, you know). It's beautiful. It's warm. It has memory. It insulates. It takes dyes wonderfully.

The yarn I choose to use for the Hope sweater is mostly Lion Brand Wool. That got me started.

Since then I've made a hat for DH, a tea cozy (Frankenknit from a hat that was too small for DH) and early this week I bought enough to make myself a vest. Cream, burnt orange, cocoa brown and teal blue. It's on sale this week at Michaels. Half off. That means I bought enough new yarn for a sweater and I spent $20.00. As soon as I've blocked the pieces for the Hope sweater I'll give myself permission to cast on for this vest. It's a pattern I've used before, and it knits up quickly.

The other good thing is Goodnight, Sweetheart.

DH and I got hooked on this thanks to public television. For people who like the past, not to mention clever writing and good acting, it's divine. We bought ourselves the whole DVD set from, as it's not available in the States. (That also meant a DVD player that will play all zones. Worth it.)

We have been watching a few episodes every night, and it's great fun to see it all again, with the bonus of seeing the shows we missed when it was broadcast here.

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