Thursday, October 10, 2013

Colds and Knitting

You'd think the two would play nicely. But with my sinuses all mucked up my brain seems fuzzy. The pumpkin hat was simple enough. But I don't even want to work on the easy lace socks I'm making. And the 30s dress is out, thinking is necessary for that one.

Here's the pumpkin hat before it got to its real owner. Tommy agreed to model, but he looks a little confused. I'm not sure what he thought he was agreeing to wear.

I made a simple garter stitch shawlette for my MiL and am working up an easy ruffle for edging. I managed to make four dishcloths for my SiL's Christmas gift. That seems to be the extent of my knitting ability presently.

Here's hoping this rotten cold will vacate the premises, and soon.

Still. It did provide us all with at least one photo of the Prince of the Harvest. Maybe it's not all that bad.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013


Summer got away from me. But in a nice way.

My sister and I finally got away for a long weekend. (A minor miracle, as we've been trying to do this for about 17 years.) We went to Austin, TX, and had a good time. Lots of walking around, good food, shopping--vintage and for presents for those left at home.

Then I went to the first rockabilly weekender I've been to in years. Ten, maybe? It's been a looong time. My husband and I went--and Nora (the car). She didn't start for the return trip, so he had her flatbedded back. And of course she started later, after coming home. Maybe she thinks a grande dame shouldn't have to do so much work without a rest.

But here's some genuine knitting content:

This is the Perfect Pumpkin Hat for All (sportweight version) from Ravelry. It's designed by Janet Jameson.

I made this for the baby of friends whom I know from MI; other dancers. It still needs to be blocked and sewn together, but it was a very fast and amusing knit. Who knows, maybe I'll use it to make a pumpkin tea cozy for this fall!