Monday, September 08, 2008

We're getting there

DH has been doing electrical and plumbing work (nothing huge, little fixes...the guy who last worked on it was...creative). Putting up fixtures, all that. And some demolition.

I have been ripping out unwanted trees, weeding, restoring brass, cleaning windows, prepping the cabinets in order to paint them...keeping busy!

This evening it's off to Home Depot. Not our usual choice, but the officers at my company got together to give us a very generous gift card. It will help enormously, especially with the bathrooms. Problem is, I can't use the damn thing to make online payments. Nice, isn't it? (I can tell you that they'll be getting very little of our business after this.)

We need this to be liveable by the 26th, so we can do the real move-in, though we're bringing in bits and pieces as we go.

One horrible thing: clothes moths.

God. I think they're infesting the attic, which has long been populated by squirrels and pigeons. Propbably the moths have been feeding on the pelts of corpses and stray feathers. Ugh!

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