Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Countdown continues

Well, yesterday all of the boxes I loaded up made it to the house, and I bought a welcome mat.

I even got some painting done. The cabinets themselves are finished, but the doors are dragging. Two sides, and only one set of sawhorses, you see. Not to mention some questions about hardware. I had been planning on buying new hinges, but it's proved difficult to find half mortise hinges in the right size for my tall pine cupboard, so I just bought Rustoleum in a "chrome" finish, and I'll use it for those as well as the flush hinges for the Art Deco pine cupboard.

The carpenter has finished roughing out the sink cupboard, and will be able to build a shelf like this above it:

We're also getting in someone to give an estimate about spraying for moths, tomorrow. The actual spraying needs to be on Friday afternoon.

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