Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Poco a poco....

...ma non ritardando....I hope! (Excuse my Italian, it's not the best.)

We are getting the work done little by little, though. The neighbors are very pleased. Every time I'm there someone new "just happens" to be out and says something nice about all of our efforts.

I really like this neighborhood, because it feels like a neighborhood. Yes, there are a few who pretend instant deafness when you say hello, but for the most part people are almost alarmingly friendly.

DH is 2/3 finished installing columns in place of the awful 70s aluminum. I dug out the last two trees--the big ones!--and am in the process of bagging up the old cedar mulch.

The free-standing cabinets for the kitchen are on their way. The Art Deco one is nearly ready, and the others have the first coat of paint or are ready for it.

The contractor has finally returned, and the real plumbing work is happening.

We haven't done a thing about the upstairs bath, which is hideous. I hate it, but there's no money to pull out and replace the tub, let alone do the re-tiling such a move would require. That re-model will have to wait for a few years at least, unless we win the lottery. (Better start playing, eh?)

I'll have some pictures up soon; haven't taken any since the last batch.

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