Friday, September 19, 2008

Butcher block, damn it!

And I WILL have it for my lone countertop. It was touch-and-go for a short time, but we're having only one cabinet (built to hold up my farmhouse sink) and there won't be space for my butcher block cart, which in any case is 19 years old, stained, and with a drawer that works. Sometimes.

It means DH and I will have to go to an Ikea (this one in CT) and pick the stuff up, and juggle the budget again, because our top priority is to come in at or UNDER budget. If the almost-frills have to go, so be it. (That probably means my lovely shelf around the kitchen. Though DH swears he can do it himself. Someday. Before I die, I hope.)

Last night I packed books, purged videos and also bagged up more books to donate to the library and to give away.

We are moving one week from tomorrow, and DH has done very little in terms of packing.

I'm doing all of my own and nearly every shared item we posess...he'd better get a move on, because I am not going to risk falling into one of his closets. Unlike Alice going through the Looking Glass I doubt I'd make it out again!

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