Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Scaring the squirrels out of the trees

Life is starting to find its way into a new routine, including work-outs.

On Saturday I managed not only my stretches (mix of yoga & Pilates) but decided to jump rope in the back yard.

I went out (the cats peering nervously through the glass at me) and started. I heard whirring and rustling in the trees next door and figured it was Sassy Squirrel, with whom I've already had a few encounters.

He was fascinated, and crept closer and closer to the end of a branch to watch this odd human whirling a rope around.

The next thing I heard was a much louder rustle and an almighty crash, followed by some squirrel cussing. I wonder if he'll do it again?

I have a workroom now. Moving everything out, shoving furniture around, organizing and arranging took the better part of 10 hours. (Most of the remaining furniture and packing boxes were in that room.)

No photos yet, but it's in good shape. I need curtains and to really cull my stash, and to take the time to really organize all of my supplies, from cloth to yarn, but it's a cozy space now. Most of my books fit there, too.

Last night the cats and I settled down into the Martha Chair for reading, hot chocolate and the first really restful evening I've had in a couple of months.

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