Thursday, October 16, 2008

Blog Stalking

I've never done it, not really. Yes, I'm a fan of the Yarn Harlot (for you non-knitters, if any, she's a knitter with a witty way of dealing with everything life throws at her, knitwise or otherwise), and I make it a habit to read Batty's blog, and ZantiMissKnit's and a few others I know IRL.

But on Knitty there will be a new Blog Stalk soon and I have "signed up" to be part of it. I think the post (topic yet undetermined) is due on October 22.

In other news...I did sort the magazines yesterday, and work on the china cupboard. I even started in on some of the other areas that need paint. In addition to that, I unpacked my last clothing box...I think!

Tonight we'll be heading over to an antiques mall (they're open late on Thursdays) to see what there is to see. We still need bookcases and some kind of furniture for the upstairs bath, as we're going to put in a pedestal sink and a tilt mirror, rather than a vanity and a medicine cabinet. Yes, design matters!!

Oh, we'll also be getting wall sconces for my workroom. Craigslist has come through again.

As far as knitting goes, I managed a few more rows on the wrap. It's at lap throw size now, but so long as I can find the rest of the yarn I'll keep knitting.

I think it would be a good idea to pick a day of the week to display a WIP (Work In Progress). It might not keep me honest, but at least I'll feel guilty enough to do something.

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