Thursday, October 16, 2008

Another double post...

...because DH just called to tell me that he bought $300.00 worth of ivy for $60.00.

Looks like we'll be working on the front garden this weekend!

We've really been lucky in thrifting and hitting sales. Yesterday I found another basket for the kitchen shelves and a small bookshelf to put on top of the dresser in the workroom. The shelves cost $3.99. That's my kind of pricing.

Back to plants, we're really hoping to pick up a couple of holly bushes, too. I would also really like some hydrangeas and peonies. Not only because I like them; they do best (I'm told) if they're planted in the fall.

We're going to fill in the front with annuals; so mums for now, if we find that kind of time.

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