Friday, June 27, 2008

Yarn swaps = destashing...right?

Wrong. Well...maybe it works that way for some people.

I wandered into my LYS yesterday for an advertised yarn swap. I'd brought along two skeins of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino yarns (really pretty, but in a color I seldom use).

I walked out with five skeins of Shetland wool! It's not sock yarn, so I think it counts as Stash Enhancement. (I was encouraged to do this by the shop employee...she's an enabler even when not selling the stuff.)

They're the same weight, and might work together in a project. Good for simple fair isle, especially with a bit of white or cream or black to balance things out.

I can always rationalize yarn acquisitions


Batty said...

You should know by now that walking withing half a block of a yarn store leads to stash gain!
Granted, the location of your apartment predisposes you towards certain yarn-related problems, but...

Oh, what the heck. Yarn is good. And you don't have that much. : )

Eileen said...

Not SO very much...but some of it is public now. ZMK took pictures!