Thursday, June 26, 2008

Arctic Summer

No, I haven't gone on another trip. I'm just making a general remark about the lousiness of office heating and cooling systems. Not many work properly.

This is especially noticeable in offices that have been created out of one large space. Ours is now made up into cubicles, rooms, hallways and offices. Though lighting is sometimes altered, and d├ęcor, it's just too much to expect that the ventilation systems will be updated as well, in my experience (here and elsewhere).

So...a vent pours icy or hot streams of air into one area. People there freeze or boil or are grateful, if they tend to their own extremes when deciding on Perfect Temperatures.

I'm in the freeze crowd. Generally I wear goosebumps year 'round, with a garnish of purple mottling under my very fair skin. It's worst in the summer because I refuse to wear wool trousers, long socks, boots and three layers in June or July or August.

I cart sweaters everywhere I go, I complain (a lot) and I cozy up to any available space heater.

When I run my own little work world things will be different!

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