Tuesday, June 10, 2008

WWII in 2008: Reading, PA

It was hot.

How hot was it?

Well, (I wish I had photographic proof) we caught Joe with his head in the cooler.

But here's the link to the album.


We didn't get great pictues, but it does give you an idea of the thing.

Friday was fine until we got to Avis car rental. Nightmare line; we missed our dinner reservation. It was tough parking in the middle of the city, too. No one was in a very good mood for a while.

But the Capital Grille was still open, and we dined there with Joe & Theresa, after a lightening change.

We got to Reading in the afternoon, and wandered around in sunblock, hats, and under parasols and umbrellas. No sunburn for me, but I acquired plenty of new freckles, and apparently looked like I was about to pass out.

No dance this time, the band was on a break when we got in, and the neverending "Who's On First" was on. We went straight to the French Village and didn't look back!

Maurice the proprieter was very helpful, and our tempers improved a lot! The Café Napoléon really was great, and we chatted with some interesting people. Such a mix...French villagers, Nazis (Yeah. I still don't understand how the fascination can outweight the shudder factor, but each to his own, yes?), GIs, and civilians milling around together in perfect accord.

Sunday we dropped by again for a while, and then headed out to see our friends in Ambler. They didn't make it this year, what with a new baby to consider. As well as a sturdy little toddler. It seemed a bit much to them in this heat, so we went out to see them on the way to Philadelphia, and then dropped by to see Joe's dad.

Another whirlwind, and a good one.

Knitting? I've been working on a baby hat to match the socks...which I found! AND I found the pearls. (Lesson? Don't believe your spouse when he swears that he checked all of the pockets when he unpacked the luggage...but be grateful the lost have been found, all the same!)

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