Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Back into the Swing of things

A million years ago (okay, about 10) I learned to swing dance. First, East Coast (6 count). Then Lindy Hop. Balboa. Bal-Swing. I lead and follow all except Bal (at this point). No, I never saw that Gap commercial.

When I got into the scene, it was in full swing (pun intended) and I was out two to six nights a week, dancing like a fool, dressed to the vintage nines, and having the time of my life.

Things simmered down, as they do in the natural course of time, and people stopped dressing up. The clubs stopped having swing nights. There were only a few (usually non-club) venues, but I always made it out at least once a week.

Then I moved to Rhode Island. New place. New (tiny at the time) scene. Husband who said he loved to dance...but that turned out to be all talk. Yes, I even coaxed him into some private lessons. Nothing did the trick.

I've been here for four years now, and hardly ever go dancing.

There are very nice people around, but the whole feel is quite different. Dance studios or old social halls provide the venue. Many who have a ballroom or West Coast swing background (not to bash them; it's just that the resultant dance style and lead or follow is quite different from mine). No bar, no one in vintage clothing (except for me, that is). I just don't enjoy it to the same degree.

Even so, I miss it: socializing, getting great exercise that's more like therapy, the whole bit. So I complain a lot and dance very little, but last Saturday I took a workshop again.

It was very good to dance again; I don't think I've done any dancing since March, and no dancing in town since perhaps October.

I've developed some bad habits, but the instructors were great, pointing out things I can work on myself, and also sending some nice compliments my way.

Today, Wednesday, I've decided that I'll go to the Thursday dance. We'll see...

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ami said...

You know, there is a workshop/class for FREE, every Sunday, exactly TWO BLOCKS from my house.


I wish I had an excuse, but I just never go. Shame on me!

Good for you, for getting your Swing back!