Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Here again, gone tomorrow

Or something like that.

Now that we're back from TX, we'll be off again for another brief vacation. We're going to Reading, PA, for the MAAM WWII re-enactment weekend.

I've gone before; once with my old boyfriend Joe, and most recently in 2005, with DH. The weather is usually awful, in some fashion, but it's always fun.

There are hardcore WWII re-enactors: soldiers, French villagers, some civilians in the "Homefront" area....those of us who dress in period clothing...and plenty of gawkers who mix it up with the 20s and the 60s but still find it all fascinating.

We'll be there for Saturday and part of Sunday. On Friday we're flying to Philadelphia and meeting Joe (Yep. Same fella) and his lovely wife Theresa...the one for whom I made the Monkey socks...for dinner in a cafe full of singing opera students.

Saturday we'll drive to Reading, walk around all day, run out for dinner, change, and come back for the hangar dance.

As per usual, I doubt I'll manage to post the photos we take, but I'll sneak in some links, at least (providing we remember the camera!).

I will certainly be bringing my knitting; I have a "new" vintage bag that I love, and that goes with me, but I haven't decided yet whether to start a new project as well. It should be vintage, ca. 1940. Socks would be the easiest thing; I wouldn't even need a pattern, of course.

But...some swine stole the baby socks I made on the TX trip. Right out of the suitcase. He or she also took some jewelry that was packed; yes, I was a FOOL to pack it. I know. I will always regret it. And I will never again pack any good jewelry. I've never done it before. Just once...and I'll always pay.

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