Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Apple Pie

...and applesauce cheddar turnovers.


Frau_U said...

Yum yum!
How do you get your pinches right? when the two crusts meet my edges are always so thick! You amaze me. And your house/kitchen is to die for!! :)


Eileen said...

Thank you!

Practice, for the crimping! I try to keep the crust the same thickness throughout, and wet the bottom crust (edges already trimmed) before putting on the top. Then I trim the top, too, just a little longer than the bottom; fold it under the top edge, and crimp.

Use your knuckle on the inside, and the space between two finger for the outside to get the shaping.

Take your time...you'll learn it!

SusieQT said...

Beautiful, and I love your baking racks- I need to find some of those. They have so much character!

I'm about to try your green tomato mincemeat!

Eileen said...

The round one was a gift some 20 years ago, my first vintage kitchen item, I think. I love it. It does double duty when I'm canning, too, as it fits in my canning kettle.

I hope you like the mincemeat!

~ami* said...

The pies look delicious, of course...but I'm going to need more pictures of the house.

Eileen said...

I probably should take more pictures of the kitchen (after I finish a complete cleaning!). The living room, too...the furniture has been re-arranged.

No promises as to when it's going to happen!