Friday, October 01, 2010

Happy October

Not that we're having what I'd call classic October's windy and breezy, true, but muggy. And the rain keeps spitting.

Even so, October. And to me, that means fall. I love fall. It's my favorite season, bar none, and even all these years out of school it makes me think of new beginnings, or at least a new start on an old project.

That means my book. I started an historical mystery in 2009, and was moving along very well until about a year ago, when I ground to a halt. Didn't outline the plot thoroughly, it got too complex, and bogged down in details (the story of my life, but not the story of a good mystery).

So here I go again, this time sparked not only by the month October, but also a chance remark by an acquaintance (a published writer) on Facebook. Thanks, Margery!

I will also be updating and changing the blog somewhat. I've changed the title to simply Art Deco Diva, though the link remains the same, at least at present. The photo at top has been changed, and I'm working on a proper header, which might take some time, as the code Word uses gives Blogger indigestion.

Here's to continuation and improvement, and new beginnings! Cheers.


~ami* said...

This time of year is always good for a "housekeeping" and renovation; Cheers, indeed! Lovely new header!

Batty said...

I love new beginnings. Other people do spring cleaning, I do fall cleaning. It's so nice when the muggy heat goes away and the air becomes crisp and clean once again. Who wouldn't want to get more active?