Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I Love _____ Because ______

Hello, Blogstalkers!

I love vintage because it was built to last.

The era I love best is the one that produced Art Deco (20s and 30s in round reckoning). "Planned obsolescence" was a thing of the future.

In our home we have vintage chairs, tables, lamps, fabrics, clothing, appliances, even magazines. (I admit the magazines crumble occasionally. But they were meant to last until the next paper drive or fire in the fireplace.)

My ca. 1938 Glenwood stove is a wonder. The heat is even. The construction is sturdy. It's pleasant to look at, and it gives me extra workspace; I can pull down a cover over unused burners. If we had the space in the kitchen I could also use the heater (but it's too close to the wall).

I love my 1933 GE Monitor Top fridge. It is the best. Everything stays icy cold. Nothing goes bad in two days (I've had several modern fridges that made a habit of that).

My vintage clothing is flattering and well-made. It fits me the way that modern clothing does not (the dress I'm wearing in my post-Halloween post is from the early-to-mid 1930s).

As for old movies...well, they were the very best in escapist entertainment, not to mention elegant design.

Not all of it was grand. Segregation. Lack of antibiotics. Not everyone could afford that fridge or stove. Let's not forget the Depression. Still, I love vintage for all of the above reasons and more.

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