Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Year of the Sweater?

It's mid-January, and I have two new sweaters of my own making. Admittedly, one was a UFO from last year, but the second was cast on, knitted and finished after New Year's Day.

I don't make many sweaters...I get bored and move on to another pair of socks, or some lace, or even a scarf. But lately I haven't found as many modern sweaters I liked, and though I have found some lovely vintage pieces they aren't quite scratching the sweater itch, if you will.

Last night I found myself wondering if I really did buy a cone or two of Shetland this past summer (don't think I did) and wondering why not. My 1930s knitting books seem more enticing than ever lately, and I keep thinking of cones of Shetland and eyeing the yarn I bought for the Dr Who scarf (safely underway now) and thinking, "Wouldn't that be great sweater yarn?"

We'll see what happens.

What projects are haunting you these cold winter days?


Val said...

I'm seeing visions of crochetted doilies. I made a small one while home sick for a few days in December, and am about half way done with a rather large one that I intend to keep. I'm at the point, though, where each round is now taking me at least an hour to complete, which means that the going is slow, and with another dozen rounds still to crochet, the end is not yet is sight.

Eileen said...

I keep wanting to start more lace now, too...probably in reaction to the very solid baby blanket that's driving me nuts right now!

Crochet is something I've never been able to enjoy doing, which is a shame, because there are some really lovely patterns out there!