Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New Year's Resolution #1: Dr Who Scarf

Today I ordered the yarn online. I did try to buy it from a couple of brick-and-mortar shops, but no go.

This particular version is the Season [Series] 13 scarf, and I'm going to make it with Brown Sheep Nature Spun in sport weight. That should result in a scarf that measures about 10 feet, give or take a few inches, what will varying gauge and blocking.

Yes, it's a vintage thing! Mind you, not nearly as vintage as my usual, or even (gasp!) as vintage as me, because although the series premiered in 1963, the scarf is associated primarily with Tom Baker, who debuted in 1974.

I am using a pattern provided by Tara at Witty Little Knitter

Wish me luck! It should make good standing in line or television knitting. (What a fabulous excuse for a Dr Who marathon!)


C.K. Dexter Haven said...

Hey that sounds great! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Speaking of Tom Baker and series 13, I'm pretty excited about The Seeds of Doom coming to DVD this March!

Eileen said...

I was just listening to Dr Who Radio (on Live 365) and they had some info about that.

It's been so long since I've seen the old series...I need to start watching them. Some of the libraries here have copies, and at least one indie video/DVD rental store (may they never go out of business!).