Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Usual January Knitting Frenzy

It's finished. No, no new photos yet, but the long-suffering "30s Sweater" is finally done.

Now I need to seam (and decide on a closure) for the top-down raglan I made last week--it's a heavily modified version of a pattern I knitted about five years of those that swim around in your head for several years and when you finally pick up the needles it's all there, just waiting to be knit.

I'm also working on some [gift] and a [gift] and am plotting some more [gift]. There are two--okay, four--UFO socks. Two will be frogged, two finished. And a bolero which I began and nearly finished in 2008 (!) will go with me to Area 51 to be finished (that's for UFOs specifically).

I want to knit another 30s skirt. In gray, I think. And I spent much of Tuesday on Ravelry, digging up more 30s patterns.

My 30s knitting books are calling to me too. The hardcovers. One in particular has a few good pages on embellishments/trims. Lace falls, bows, etc.



sapphireblue said...

30s patterns have different verbage and sizing. Good for you trying to talke those vintage patterns.

Eileen said...

Yes, but it's not terribly foreign. I've been digging into those pattern books since before I actually learned to knit, so I prefer them to most modern patterns!

There are 20s and 30s patterns as detailed (or more so) than the things being published now, depending on the book(let).

Then,too, nowadays there are many online resources for anyone who needs to look up modern "translations" of sizes and terminologies. Much easier for us than the vintage loving knitters of the 1970s, unless they had an older knitter on hand to advise them!