Thursday, April 16, 2009

I still live here

...but am currently masquerading as a Hausfrau.

And doing it rather well. It's a good thing I like to cook, and mend and even (sometimes) do laundry.

The jobs aren't out there right now. Not at the pay I was getting, which was good, but not great, either. The only things that have come my way so far are temp jobs at $11/hour. And if I'm in the middle of one of those and can't make it to an interview for a permanent position I won't be a happy camper.

I did start myself a new sweater; it's based on a pattern in one of my hardcover knitting books from the 40s. The directions are scant, even for the period. I'm glad I've got some experience behind me, but I'm still puzzled about the collar. It's not a case of picking up and knitting; the trim on the fronts is knitted in conjunction with the rest.

There's no photo of the back of the sweater, but it would appear that the collar is an extension of the fronts trim, folded over and sewn in place, though the folding and sewing up is not mentioned in the directions for making up.

The yarn is nice, a 100% wool worsted from Brown Sheep. We found it at a Five and Dime in West Concord, MA. Really! It was $4.99 a skein, and the yardage is crazy...something like 250+ yards per. The back took less than one full skein. If it turns out too small I just might frog and start over, with an additional pattern repeat here and there. There will be enough yarn.


ami said...

Well, I've been wondering about you!

Eileen said...

Not quite MIA!

The sweater sleeves are almost done, and I'm thinking I *should* frog the back and re-do's looking a little small.