Monday, March 23, 2009

Fulling it

A few years ago I was able to sell knitted cat toys at a local gift shop. They carry quite a bit of handmade stock, and some is locally produced.

I stopped in last week to ask if they'd be interested again, and got a this past week I have been fulling ("felting") old sweaters and turning them into bags and cat toys and dressing up T-shirts with knitted details and some embroidery. I have two T-shirts, a felted mouse, and one bag finished; the second bag needs a strap and I will make at least one more cat toy.

We'll see what happens; it won't be a lot of money, but all income helps, especially with a mortgage to pay.

If I can remember I'll take some pictures and post them, if I can get to DH's laptop. Mine hasn't enough memory! (Neither do I...h'mmm....)


ZantiMissKnit said...

I'd love to see pics of these! I keep saying I'm going to make cat toys and/or blankets for the local shelter, but I never do.

I should really get going on that.

Eileen said...

Well, that's all I sold, one cat toy!

But I'll make some more, and send you photos. =^..^=

Batty said...

Your cat toys are wonderful. They look very professional, and are so much better than most of the stuff you get at big box pet stores (except perhaps the ultimate kitty toy... the crenellated plastic ring that otherwise looks like the ring off of a milk gallon, but rolls unpredictably all over the place thanks to the crenellation -- I have yet to find a toy our cats are as crazy about as those things). I'd love to see pics too. Even if you don't sell them all, your cats will be happy to take care of any overstock problems, I'm sure.