Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Thanks to Than Chai and Fa Sing (quarrelling over a mouse) I'm awake at 3:00 a.m.

The poor mouse got away; I hope it's relatively uninjured and can find its way outdoors, but I have an awful feeling that we're going to "nose" it in a week or so. Urk.

The antiques sale was wonderful. DH finally found an oak desk, 30s, I think, or a little earlier. It fits nicely into his office, and is working out very well.

My big find was a wonderful 1920s evening coat. Black velvet with black satin geometric inserts and a huge fur collar. I'm not sure what kind of fur. Normally I can tell, but this appears to be upscale rabbit! Back then they used a lot of furs that are no longer popular.

We got a very Art Deco mirror; round, with a 3/4 circle of wood around it, and demi lune shelves. I'm painting the wood white, and will use it above a 30s office cabinet I found at the Salvation Army. Those will go into the upstairs bath, which I am finally finishing. The fabric for the curtains is washed and shrunk and ironed, too...I need to measure and see if there's enough to make an outer shower curtain as well as window curtains.

Another deal was a huge stack of 30s magazines, most in near mint condition. Primarily Yankee magazine and a few different house & garden magazines. There were a couple of knitting pattern booklets too, including a couple of good ones from the 1920s, with patterns more sophisticated than usual for the period.

The rockabilly show was a bit of a disappointment; the first band was a no-show, and the last band not so great, but the middle band was very good, and we picked up their CD. I am glad that we went, in any case.

I'm looking for Art Deco stencils to use on the cabinet...does anyone have good sources?


Batty said...

Wow, that's a lot of stuff! The house really must look amazing by now, with all the work you've both put into it.

Eileen said...

We've been very lucky! And believe it or not, yesterday we bought an Art Deco bedroom set.

One room to go! (Er...that is, aside from painting.)

Come on out and see. =^..^=