Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A surprise. I hope!

This past weekend I made a hat for a friend (his birthday is December 26th). I used some Cascade purchased last year for felting, but never used. I don't remember the name of the yarn, but it's a sheepswool/llama blend, and it looks quite a bit like Lamb's Pride, but softer.

Anyway...it's a nice royal blue, and the hat is a K2, P1 rib, with a turned up brim. I added a gray stripe on the cuff. DH loved it; kept trying it on until I wrapped it so he couldn't do it anymore!

I had another skein of the same yarn in a different color—a very sunny orange—so here and there on the sly I'm making him one, with a contrasting stripe of brown.

It's not easy finding the time, he gets fidgety when I'm not around, and crabbed when I got home from the SnB (the more so because, as I told him, no one else made it). Ungrateful git just might see it on my head instead, if he's not careful!

I'm including a certificate for a pair of mittens as well. The fun never ends!

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