Friday, December 01, 2006

Not a lot of news

But the cotton blend Baba's Bed Socks are finished. I did that while the in-laws were visiting (Wednesday). There were just a few decreases to go; washed them, then put them in the blockers to dry.

They aren't dry yet, and it's Friday! Incredible. But I should be able to box and wrap them tomorrow. The family gifts for my side need to head off to TX ASAP. We have dramas almost every year with that; I'm using UPS this time. The post office...well, don't even get me started....

Also, I'm trying to swap out the afghan-sized lot of acylic that I got from my sister's MiL. It's quite nice, as acylic goes, but I really don't like the stuff, I never have. But there's enough for a small afghan, it's winter white, and still in the ball bands.

I posted about it on Knitty in Swap-o-rama. Tonight, I hope, I will dig it out and get all the details; even better, pictures, if possible. If not, perhaps I can find shots of the same yarn somewhere on the web.

Who knows? Maybe I'll get sock yarns! (I did say that I want natural fibers and no self-striping.)

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