Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Stash, and birthdays

First: DH's surprise hat is done. It turned out very well, and he never caught a glimpse. Now it's wrapped and under the tree.

So ALL the real Christmas knitting is done. There's one more thing I'd like to make before New Years, though. We have friends coming to stay on the 29th, and they're as nutty over vintage as we are. Theresa saw my checkerboard socks as I was Kitchenering the toe of the second one, and she even asked to try them on. So I think I'll try to make her a pair, probably in the gray yarn. I'll cast on tonight or tomorrow, as soon as I dig out the pattern and wind the yarn (it's my own pattern). I'd also like to make a tie for Joe. Real Art Deco stuff. I've got some great vintage patterns, and not long ago we found some beautiful laceweight Shetland that would be perfect. But Jimmy (DH) wants to choose something for Joe himself, so we'll see...

Last night I finished a modified version of Fetching for my oldest nephew. No cables at the top, and a plain bind off. His birthday is next month, so that and a gift card will take care of him.

On the way home yesterday I stopped at my favorite thrift shop and found some great yarn, including 4 skeins of Lambs Pride in a dark red, all in the same dye lot! Also a cone of mohair (I think...haven't done a burn test yet), and what looks like a wool/silk/cotton blend, plus some beautiful gray tapestry yarn, 100% wool. The LP and the mohair would be enough for mittens, and hat, and a scarf; some kind of simple Fair Isle pattern. And very Christmassy! Maybe I'll come up with something for me. I adore LP but usually it ends up gifted to someone else.

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