Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas is well in hand.

The only thing to finish is a pair of Checkerboard Socks (my own pattern) for Theresa. She and Joe were visiting when I finished my own pair and she coveted them madly. As they're coming to stay for New Year's on the 29th, I'm in good shape—mid heel flap on sock #2.

After that I will probably pick up the sweater vest for Jimmy (ran into finishing problems, due to a pattern error). But now I've got the right needles, and it's just a matter of neck and armscye ribbing:

I would really like to have it for him by New Year's, but "we'll see". Still, considering that most of it was done by August, it's overdue!

After that, I need to start the Vegan Fox for Jen's b'day (February). I've already got Alaric's Fetching done. His birthday is January.

Stash-diving next. I've found some incredible things in my new favorite thrift shop. Just yesterday: 4 skeins of black worsted. It's mill spun, but local. And beautiful. A whole $4.99 for all 4 skeins!

The big pull right now is some Lamb's Pride I found at the same place. That, plus a cone of mohair (all together now, "same place!") are looking like a mittens/hat and something set, in Fair Isle.

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