Thursday, May 30, 2013

Roses and knitting swaps

I did a count yesterday. I have 14 David Austin roses (13 varieties), 5 hybrid teas, 1 florabunda, and 2 Knockouts, as well as 2 Drift roses. And yes, I am planning on more! But next year: I want to put in a small rose hedge along one side of the fence, enough that I'll be able to make rose petal jam and have candied rose petals on a regular basis.

Things are off by about a week, even though we had such warm weather in mid-May, but it's all looking very pretty. The kale and the nasturtiums are doing well (salads!) and my husband tilled up another small section of the yard, so I have to plan that out soon.

For knitting, I'm working on two pairs of socks, and plotting for a Smaug themed swap on Ravelry. I'm having quite a lot of fun choosing and making things and planning. I do wonder what Tolkien would have made of this?

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