Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Out with the Plymouth, In with the Old(smobile)

Today we said goodbye to Ruby.
We've just bought a 1939 Oldsmobile (sedan) and she's already in the garage. Oddly, we made the switch with both at the house at the same time! Ruby is going down to the Carolinas, to someone who works in the movie industry--a grip, I think. So perhaps she'll be ready for her close-up one day.

The Olds doesn't have a name yet; as before, DH and I can't quite agree yet, but we'll get there. She's a beauty, and in very good condition. She was re-conditioned beautifully by her last owner, even to the interior.
There are a few problems, like two cracked windows--the man who sold him the new glass clearly didn't give him safety glass. It happened on closing the doors. We'll get that fixed. The radio doesn't work, and there are a couple of other tiny things. But she's a beauty, and not only do we plan to bring her to the Steelyard next month, we're expecting to drive her to the rockabilly weekender we're attending in September!
Pictures...and her name...coming soon.

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