Sunday, December 23, 2012

...and it's nearly Christmas Eve

Lots of Christmas knitting was done. Some was jettisoned and replaced by other things, but I made those decisions early on. Still can't post most, but here's one that won't be seen by the recipient, a linen stitch muffler that I made for one of my nephews in Michigan.

I also baked two fruitcakes. One is a gift, to the parents of a French friend, who will be entertaining her family for the holidays. Her father is very partial to English-style fruitcake. The other is for us; I'm turning it into a Christmas Cake. It's just awaiting the royal icing and marzipan decorations. I'll do that tomorrow.

I also have been making cookies (and some candy) like a madwoman. In terms of quantity, probably 60 dozen or more. I know that I've made 14 different batches, and still need to make more. The family and friends who live far away have theirs. So do the neighbors and my husband's barber, but we might have some company on Christmas evening, and we're hosting a small party on Friday...and on the 26th we're going to another, to which I'll be bringing a cake and probably cookies as well.

Merry Christmas!

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