Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Christmas Knitting Plus One

A Younger Nephew Scarf (MI)

No real pattern. Just linen stitch in a lovely yarn, with special cast on and bind off.

For a very dear local pal. The pattern is from IK's Holiday Gifts issue, the Huckleberry 2007.

Found the yarn at the Big E (fair) this year, except for the contrasting yarn, used for the bobbles. That's from stash.

For my friend's husband, who is always cold (a nice Southern boy up North, you know). Bless him, he really does wear & appreciate my knits.

Again, no pattern. To coordinate with a hat and mitts I made for him three years ago for Christmas and his birthday.

Husband Socks. From one of my many vintage pattern booklets. Ca. 1950, I think. Made them yet longer than the "long" version, and in one of my cone yarns, bought when I first began to knit.

Just a simple cable pattern with ribbing. I did tweak the heel turn, as there was an error in the pattern.

Marzipan. For the Husband. He's especially fond of it, and if I make it myself, I know it contains no corn syrup.

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PJS said...

All lovely, Eileen!

Happy New Year to you and James.