Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Knitting for Christmas

It's coming right along. No photos yet, though I'd better pull my socks up, so to speak; last year I kept forgetting to take pictures and now have no record of most of the things I made.

There are already three completed projects--one is blocked and dry; two more are blocking and drying now. I've made an outdoor "ascot", a toque style hat, and a lace cowl. As I took time out to make myself an ascot and a beret, I'm a little behind, but not much.

There are socks, a traditional scarf, and a muffler still in the works, and I found a vintage muffler that will be perfect for one of my MI nephews.

I also started making lists for shopping ingredients: lots of dried fruit, nuts, butter, and all that good stuff...not to mention brandy, for the fruitcakes. The cookie list isn't too long this year, as I don't feel like going as crazy as usual, but I might be doing a bit more in the canning department, as there's not much in the pantry. Very little was managed this year, so I'm thinking a big batch of cranberry marmalade might be good--it's good to eat, colorful, and even properly festive for this time of year.

Does anyone have any favorite quick fixes for making up a shortfall of homemade goodies? If you've got a suggestion, I'd love to hear it!

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