Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Mug Shot: Shadow

Shadow, wearing The Cone Of Shame.

This is the stray I rescued last week. The open wounds are not in the pictures, so have no fear you'll have to see them if you take a close look. However, if you know anyone in the Providence, RI area who is missing a grey tom, young (less than two years old, I'd say), please let me know.

He weighed about 7.5 pounds when I found him. As you can see, he has filled out since then. There's a small white locket under his chin, and a good irregular patch of white on the very front of his underside, just below the chest.

He's a good cat. Very intelligent, and under the circumstances, extremely well behaved, though he throws some fits on occasion (trying to get out of the room). He's friendly and likes to be petted and to be in company.

He has his next vet appointment tomorrow, and I hope his surgery can be scheduled. We will keep him if no one else wants to adopt him, supposing (fingers crossed!!) that he will survive--the wounds on his back are severe, but he is otherwise apparently in very good health.

ASAP he'll also be neutered, and will get the rest of his shots. If you live in the area and would be interested in adopting him--NOT to be let outdoors, unless on a harness--please let me know.

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