Monday, October 15, 2012

Miscellaneous October: Cats and apples

Let's see...there are still apples, but only a few. I've made applesauce, apple marmalade, an apple-pear crumble with bourbon cream sauce, and had some for breakfast, with yogurt. We've also been snacking on them. We have one Rome left, and a few Cox's Orange Pippins. I made a pie yesterday, and that used up the last of the RI Greenings...they really do make the best pies!

We still have Shadow. I think (and hope) that we'll be keeping him. He's still in seclusion in the guest room, because (a) he was hosting more worms than any robin could ever hope to eat, and  (b) his wound is still healing.

The wound is healing well, and rapidly. It's down to about 25% of the surface area it covered when I found him three weeks ago. It appears that his fur will grow back as well. The puncture wounds were completely closed over with scar tissue 10 days after I found him.

The worms and mites were something else, but not too surprising, considering he was feeding himself a diet of bugs and mice and birds. Today he had his last dose of pill form worm meds. The last liquid dose comes on the 25th. He also got Revolution a few days ago (many parasites, including the mites). In a few more weeks I'll have more lab work done to see if they've all kicked the bucket. He's not getting nose-to-nose with my babies until I know he can't infect them.

On that, I hope they can meet soon. Staying alone most of the day is starting to tell on him.

He was neutered last Wednesday, and (thank God) it had an immediate effect. So far, he has not sprayed since, and he's no longer pulling and banging at the door to try an escape.

Shadow is very bright--he learns quickly and is moderately friendly, but wary. I can't blame him, since he obviously was abandoned, and probably by people who initially treated him with affection. Students, maybe, who decided a tomcat wasn't as cute or easy to deal with as a kitten. It makes me so angry! Animals aren't toys, dammit.

It's been a bit of drain on all of us. The cats (the Siamese brothers, I mean) are settling in. They're pals again, and occasionally I let them sniff at Shadow under the door. Fa Sing usually hisses for a while, but there hasn't been much growling. Shadow chirps, which is a good sign.

We're sleeping through the night again, as Shadow is beginning to acclimate to a day/awake-night/asleep schedule. Bringing him to this means a lot of attention on the part of the people in the house, mainly me, especially during the week.

The cost in dollars has been high, and it's not over yet, but I do hope the worst is over. We are so lucky to be able to do this, though it's not been easy, it's within our budget.

Still, how can you dismiss a domestic animal who shows up at your back door, asking for food and affection and help? I can't; to me it would be wrong.

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