Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thrift, thrift...

January 2012 hasn't exactly been an outstanding beginning to the year, but the last day is giving me hope.

After my second bout with a cold that DH & I have been passing back and forth I finally got out of the house today. I headed straight to the closest thrift shop. It's not always the best one, but it has its days.

Today was one of them. For a grand total of $4.01 I got a brand new edition of a Georgette Heyer Regency (her first, originally published in 1926), a pair of argyle socks for DH, and seven Limoges bread and butter plates!

They're perfect, and though I don't know the pattern they'll go nicely with the china I already have. At a guess, they're ca. 1900: white, with gold and misty green rims. According to the mark they were made especially for a store in Pennsylvania. I am very pleased; it's been a long time since I've found Limoges in a thrift shop.

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