Sunday, January 22, 2012

January 1936 Golf Sweater

Not a whole lot is going on around here, though we finally got some snow. Mind, tomorrow it's supposed to be rainy and in the 50s, so it probably won't last. Welcome to New England in 2012!

The Long Gray Socks are coming along--I'm well into the leg on #2, past the calf shaping. Stocking tops, if I add them, still haven't been designed.

I've also begun a 1936 golf sweater, from the January 1936 issue of Home Arts Needlecraft. It's simply called "sweater with buttoned front". It's 4 sts = 1 inch, and I'm using a double strand of orchid colored Shetland. The back is finished and I am working on the first side of the front.

I hope your 2012 has begun on a good note!

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