Sunday, January 22, 2012

Christmas Knitting 2011

Please excuse my abysmal photographic record keeping! This scarf and beret were gifts to my MiL this year. The beret (same alpaca silk blend as in the scarf, photo not withstanding) was for her birthday, and the scarf Christmas, but I made two other berets in very different yarns (but the same pattern) for dear friends.

One was in a burgundy homespun, to match a lace neck cowl I designed for her last year; the other in a Schiparelli pink with turquoise flecks (it was for a birthday); I designed a 30s style muffler with a narrowed neck to match as a Christmas gift.

The pattern information for the purchased patterns isn't to hand, but they're both modern.

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Batty said...

Both are beautiful! I wish I looked good in a beret, there are so many great patterns out there. And I love the scarf, it looks very cozy.