Wednesday, September 09, 2009

A Yarn Conspiracy

Now that I've fixated on a particular sweater pattern, needless to say I can't find the yarn I want. Not all of it, anyway.

I've been through most of the stash and it's hiding from me.

And though I have a ROOM full of yarn (really, I do) nothing else will do. Of course it won't. (If you think otherwise, you're not a knitter.)


Batty said...

You have The Perfect Yarn and it's hiding from you? Oh, the frustration! The anguish! I hope it puts in an appearance soon, or you might have to go looking for yarn that is even more perfect. That'll learn it.

Eileen said...

It's the remainder of the "crayon" shetland that I got at WEBS a couple of years ago (used most of it for the 1920s skating hat & scarf).

I'm too tired to search any's socks for me, right now. Sock yarn is *everywhere*.