Sunday, September 06, 2009

A New Sweater, and Antiques

I really want to knit that sweater. I took a good look at the pattern, and it's probably going to take sport weight, which is pretty good. I've got leftover shetland yarn from a 1920s project I made a few years ago. I might want to buy one or two more skeins of shetland, but otherwise I think I'm set. I hope Fresh Purls has some in; last time I looked I didn't see any.

Now, as for the "antiques" part of this post...I've just signed up for a booth at a local antiques mall. Not just any antiques mall, either. RI Antiques Mall, which is rapidly building itself an excellent reputation. I'm to open on October 1st, and I've got a corner booth, downstairs. It's a good location.

I already have some stock about ready to go: vintage clothes, shoes, hats and books, as well as a bit of kitchen things and furniture. In addition, I'm going to keep a look-out for 60s items, as "Mad Men" is so popular; I want to set up a corner that I'll devote to trends in vintage, so to speak. (I do like the show. I've only seen Season One, but I thought it was great. I think I'm going to borrow it on DVD if I can to catch up and maybe start watching it on AMC.)

Anyone in the area got requests for stock?

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