Monday, March 16, 2009

Baltimore, and socks

It's been an interesting week. Last Tuesday I got slammed with a cold; I was actually an interesting invalid for two days, but that did help, it's almost gone now.

I sent out more resumes, and got ready for a trip to Baltimore, MD. A friend I met in NY (the City) was married. She's a naval engineer, now in Maryland. Some of the others in the NYC crowd were there, too. I got to dance and drink good bourbon and talk and generally enjoy myself.

On Friday I met up with Mimi of Charm City Daily. We've been friends for five years, but it was the first time we met in person! And it was wonderful, she's as pretty, funny, interesting and opinionated in person as in print. (I'd write this even if I thought you weren't going to read it, Ami. Yep.)

Here's the other bonus: long train rides are great for knitting. I finished a simple pair of anklets in Noro sock yarn and got a few inches done on the lace stole.

The socks I mentioned in the last post are destined for the frog pond. Too few stitches, not stretchy enough, and ugly! Fun to knit, though.


ami said...

Right back atcha, Lady!

Eileen said...

Do you suppose we could set up a regular Gossip Commute? =^.,^=