Thursday, July 10, 2008

...maybe not a house.

The loan approval process isn't going smoothly (the house needs a great deal of work, and it's bank owned, so they're playing Big Brother). Annoying. However, if we don't get it, I'm sure there's another one out there for us. I hope it's also from the 1930s!

This claims to be a knitting blog, but I haven't even been carrying my knitting bag lately. All I've done is a few rows on the shawl I'm making. Two pairs of socks are almost UFOs, also a shrug from Lace Style.

Maybe it's the heat, or I need a break from knitting. I'm not sure. I'm inclined to blame it on the heat. We've had some scorchers, with high humidity making it worse.

I should pick up the shawl tonight, at least! But I also want to go dancing. There wasn't any dancing last week, because of the local fireworks at McCoy Stadium (home of the PawSox).

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