Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Knitting and Houses and Kitchens, oh, my!

Well. We HAVE been approved for both loans. Now it's Paperwork Hell (DH will be seeing to most of that). And I've joined Angie's List so as to find reviews of inspectors and contractors and so on.

If this place turns out to be a good buy, really is owned only by the bank and has no liens, or...I think we can make it work very well for us.

It has three bedrooms. Three. Which translates into a master bedroom, a guest room/television room and a work room! (Translation...mostly for knitting, yarn storage, and a place to keep my sewing odds and ends. And my favorite armchair. And lots of time to cuddle with the kittens.)

I really need to organize the stash if we're going to do this. More ruthless cutting! I could trade, but I'm too lazy, I think...most of it will be donated, and I'll save some nice bits as gifts to other knitters.

The deformed room we think was a Florida room (and is now a trashed jacuzzi) will probably be an office for DH, with a powder room attached.

The now-empty kitchen will probably be a battle, as I want mostly vintage and goodness only knows what the bank will consider Appropriate. We may well have to let them dictate some of it, and then turn around and re-do. I hope not, though. That would be expensive.

I would love to have a vintage stove (gas, ca. 1930 or 1940), and a very plain modern fridge. (When we can afford it I would like a repro with a "vintage" outside and modern interior. I've had it with defrosting!)

There's a vintage cabinet with painted glass in an antiques center we frequent...I'd love to have that. And we can paint my pine cupboard and fit it with glass knob pulls.

A big farmhouse sink (including one of laundry depth...I really do handwash linens) and a good-sized drainboard...and that's about all.

No bells and whistles. I don't use them, and they only take up space! Oh, and a black and white checked floor. Right now, there's a (crookedly laid) ceramic tile floor. Hard on the feet and legs! No way do I want to stand on that when I'm cooking or cleaning.

If we're lucky we'll be able to squeeze in a little Deco kitchen table and two chairs, but it's not a big space.

As for knitting, Batty and I are meeting up tonight and deciding where to go from there...who knows, maybe for ice cream. We could walk to the ice cream shop and back. That would take care of some of the calories, and if it's still nice we could even sit on benches outside to knit. It's a possibility, anyway. We'll have fun.It's been a long time since we've met up, and she can stop in and say hello to the boys, too, if she likes. They're 11 months old now! (I know it's a cliché, but where does the time go?!)

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