Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Closing on August 29th

Yes, we got the house!

So far as it goes at this point, anyway. I don't like the garbage that goes with buying a bank-owned property, but the price would never have been this low otherwise.
And it is low. VERY low, even with the construction loan factored in.

Next is getting an inspector, meeting with the contractor, and making each penny do the work of three. I hope all goes smoothly.

I worked on the shawl during the time we were with the realtor for the signing. About three rows worth, which is a fair bit of time. I have a feeling that this shawl is about the only thing I'll be making this year, especially once we're in the midst of having the kitchen replaced, the office built, and the bathroom renovated...and the powder room installed.

I really wonder where things will be by November 1st!

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