Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Dr Who Continued

The Dr Who Scarf, (series 13) that is. It's verrry close.

That is:

*I finished the last row
*it's not yet bound off (we had a guest and he was leaving, so I got up and left the scarf)
*I still cannot decide what exactly to do with the fringe.

The recommendations online are simple, and a little thin in looks. But when my husband and I were watching the Tom Baker episodes I scored at the thrift shop I got a good look at the ends of the scarf. It appears to have very heavy fringe; at a guess, one strand of each color (seven in all) in each lark's head knot. There are probably seven or more knots in each end of the scarf.

I don't like making fringe. BUT. It's "absolutely necessary" for this one. So...I'm going to bind off, wash the thing, block it (not going to be fun, this) and then make the heavy fringes.

As I've said a time or two, it should be ready to wear by December!

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