Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Here's a radio version of Bachelor Mother (1939) starring Ginger Rogers and David Niven originally.


It's one of my favorite holiday movies, it covers the whole week and even shows Times Square on NYE!

Oh, and here's something to listen to while you're having that hangover--I mean, Champagne--brunch tomorrow afternoon:

Listing Times
Direct Link on LoudCity

This is one of--no, the best--online source of vintage jazz I know. The live broadcast takes place tonight, but it will repeat tomorrow. Check the first Dismuke link for worldwide programming times.

Happy New Year!!!!


Batty said...

Happy New Year to you! Nothing cures a hangover like mimosas in the morning.

Eileen said...

We could even have them with fresh-squeezed Clementine juice! (Though I think we'll stick with the plain product. DH splurged; we'll be drinking the good stuff.)