Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Knitting 2010

I have photos of most of it. This is the tea cozy I made for DH. It's based on an online pattern but the color work is my contribution. It's specially made for the Danish teapot from the 30s, made of pewter, which he uses nearly every morning.

These are the boot socks I made for him. They're from a 40s pattern I've used before; in fact, I made a solid cream colored pair for a friend of ours, too.

This is the Wurstwaermer dog sweater. (You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry. It's about $3.00 and the profits go to a shelter in Michigan.)
The friends who have the dog for whom it was made told us that as soon as they put it on her, she curled up and went to sleep, happy as could be. So those of you who have doxies, or doxie mixes, it's dog-approved!

This is a Kindle cozy, for the latest version. I made it for my mother's new Kindle. The yarn is cone yarn from the stash, and the button is a hand-carved wooden button, Art Deco in period. This is my own pattern.

I also made the large Cozy for my MiL, and a neck warmer from burgundy homespun for a friend, but I don't have a photo of the neck warmer. I forgot to take one before wrapping it, and we didn't have our camera when she unwrapped it.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and Boxing Day.


Batty said...

Love the tea cozy and the socks! The bit about the dog curling up in his new sweater is particularly sweet... dogs can't fake happiness when they get a hand-knit gift they dislike. Clearly, the wurst-warmer was a hit!

Eileen said...

They were both really quick knits. (Which is, of course, helpful when you're sneaking around at Christmas time trying to knit them without your husband seeing them in progress...)

I should scan & write out the sock pattern. If you've got the time, you can easily churn them out in two or three evenings. And they wear very well.

The best thing about all of these is that everyone really did like them! We were thrilled to hear that Lyda liked the sweater so much. She's a good pup.