Thursday, June 03, 2010

Picnic...and A Movie

Not just any movie, either. King Kong (1933). If the weather holds, we'll be going to watch it near Tazza in downtown Providence.

I've packed a picnic supper to bring. So far we have these sandwiches: chicken salad with fresh thyme, cheese & butter spread with cucumber, and red onion (all on various white and brown breads).

For dessert we have cocoanut teacakes and peanut butter cookies. Probably lemonade to drink.

All will be packed into a wicker hamper complete with plates and cutlery. I've also sprinkled paper towels with rosewater for clean-up after.

I hope it doesn't rain!


Batty said...

Hope you had a great time, that sounds like a wonderful event. Food and movies, how can you go wrong?

Eileen said...

Unfortunately, we were rained out! BUT we stayed for a snack, and headed out to a lovely Art Deco bar for a cocktail before going home & finishing our supper. Not a bad evening at all. :-)